iSD in the Tech Age!

Net-self-defense, we spend an exorbitant amount of time on our physical defense training and then we forget that our lives are in just as much danger of "Grave Financial Harm" or Financial ruin (Death) as if we are attacked by a street predator. Research and studies show, from the security experts in this field, that Anti-virus and Firewall suites only catch about 5% of the threats out there and those same folks tell us that it is in all probability worse at the Enterprise levels.

My goal here is to educate myself, and by proxy, pass on what I learn to others so that each individual who is connected at any level can take steps to achieve some semblance of security in their electronic on-line lives. We are so deeply imbedded in modern technology that to not take appropriate actions to learn iSD or internet self-defense in the technological age is just foolishness.

My goal is to provide enough of a foundation that readers, like me, can take the appropriate actions, i.e., apply those fundamental principles of technological methodologies to safeguard one of the more important, actually critical, strategies and tactics to defend ourselves from grave economical harm or even economical/financial death or ruin from nefarious predatory hacking processes.

Nothing in this blog is definitive, it is meant to set a foundation of knowledge, understanding and awareness so that you are not one day blindsided by some effort to steal your very life out from underneath you so fast you feel like you have been hit behind the ear and knocked into a daze of confusion, fear and finally anger where your tech-life falls apart and ruins your real life utterly, completely and with no light in sight down that dark, empty and black hole.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Cyborg Revolution

Demolocke’s Agenda Article/Post Caveat (Read First Please: Click the Link)

Cyborgs are officially defined as, “A hypothetical person whose physical abilities are extended beyond normal human limitations by mechanical elements built into the body.” In our most modern of the technological revolution we are inadvertently creating another type of cyborg I define as, “A person whose physical abilities are extended beyond normal human limitations by mechanical elements ADDED ONTO the body.”

We as a species long before the agricultural, industrial and technological revolutions had all we needed to navigate, live in and survive the dangers of our world, the planet earth. Let me suggest an example that I read in some past research finding, i.e., the humans natural ability to navigate the world.

It suggested through a theory that was tested through research that humans naturally connected to the planets electrical grid that created the types of forces, such as negative and positive, etc., that actually allowed us to know instinctively where we were and what directions we would go such as north, south, east and west, etc., in traveling naturally without add on’s such as techno-revolutionary GPS and associated satellites. When returned to a more natural state of life in the proverbial wild our bodies and brains would kind of reconnect to nature and through that connection actually know where you are at any point in time and in any location. It was erie to hear the testimonials because it truly meant that we are, as a species, are losing out connection and touch with nature. 

Remember, in our brains, if we don’t use an ability that ability will atrophy and sooner rather than later simply stop functioning altogether. In a recent article I wrote about awareness and environment, a virtual kind, I suggested that to be aware of and conscious of our environments we had to change our perspective, a paradigm shift, toward that virtual world where our senses provided input data signals to our brains, etc. (You can read that article HERE). 

What I am suggesting is that we have fallen over the cliff of technology and have left ourselves vulnerable to all sorts of dangers that expose us to grave harm and death. We have and are adding on technology to further distance ourselves from our true natures as a species. We put on earbuds and add loud sounds like music to block out all the sounds of our environment, both positive and negative sounds. We focus our eyes on the small screens of those same devices that are pumping sounds into our ears further blocking out the sights found in our environment so we no longer see all around us for inherent dangers that may cause grave harm or death. 

We further exacerbate our exposure by using obstacles to block our natural need and critical socialization by using virtual social media so that we are no longer exposed to the closeness of others that are also a necessity of human survival by the creation of groups, etc. We are assuming that liking someone with a click of a mouse is the same as being exposed directly to a person so that our sense systems can detect, find and create close relationships that are further supported and validated by things like body language and emotionally mature interconnections that are impossible through media programs like Facebook. It feels like we are but is it actually creating those relationships so endearing and critical to our species survival? 

This cybernetic-techno-revolutinary path is actually creating a human existence with no real meaning or substance even if if feels like it is real. We all end up like the borg in Star Trek, all cybernetic-like entities pretty much oblivious to our surroundings with added on devices that distract, distance and socially condition us so that when external stimuli not of the techno-sources hits us we are surprised, unprepared and inexperienced resulting in a freeze response that cannot be broken so external dangers can harm us or kill us. Since that distance and obstacle includes the collective association of a group with appropriate group survival dynamics we lose that collective ability to survive in our world, we become targets of any and all predatory hunters and hunting. You can bet your bottom dollar that predators both human and technological-humans are gearing up to take advantage of such juicy opportunities that are becoming more obvious and more prominent in our world both physical and technological. 

Technology is and has been about supplementing our way of life, it is not meant to replace human needs and interactions, etc. As a tool it helps us to achieve our human goals but today’s add-on cybernetic-like devices is quickly dominating our very ability to act and survive in the world. WE should be in CONTROL of technology and technology should not be taking control of US. 

Think about it! It is closing in on us and only a matter of time before the added on tech is to be developed, changed and created to be added in or built in to our bodies. Can anyone say, Borg: “Resistance is Futile!”

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