iSD in the Tech Age!

Net-self-defense, we spend an exorbitant amount of time on our physical defense training and then we forget that our lives are in just as much danger of "Grave Financial Harm" or Financial ruin (Death) as if we are attacked by a street predator. Research and studies show, from the security experts in this field, that Anti-virus and Firewall suites only catch about 5% of the threats out there and those same folks tell us that it is in all probability worse at the Enterprise levels.

My goal here is to educate myself, and by proxy, pass on what I learn to others so that each individual who is connected at any level can take steps to achieve some semblance of security in their electronic on-line lives. We are so deeply imbedded in modern technology that to not take appropriate actions to learn iSD or internet self-defense in the technological age is just foolishness.

My goal is to provide enough of a foundation that readers, like me, can take the appropriate actions, i.e., apply those fundamental principles of technological methodologies to safeguard one of the more important, actually critical, strategies and tactics to defend ourselves from grave economical harm or even economical/financial death or ruin from nefarious predatory hacking processes.

Nothing in this blog is definitive, it is meant to set a foundation of knowledge, understanding and awareness so that you are not one day blindsided by some effort to steal your very life out from underneath you so fast you feel like you have been hit behind the ear and knocked into a daze of confusion, fear and finally anger where your tech-life falls apart and ruins your real life utterly, completely and with no light in sight down that dark, empty and black hole.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

It’s a Hassle, It’s a pain and it Plain Old Sucks

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But it is the way of our modern world, you have to take responsibility for your own financial security. DO NOT RELY on others to safeguard your financial stability and security. Yes, use the services but don’t just join up and then forget about it because in the end it will be your ability to remain aware of your security status and it will be your ability to remain aware that will stop the attack long before the others can and will do it for you. 

I use security software but I also know that the software security driven safeguard models are just like all coded models, they are full of holes and glitches and other points in the code that any good hacker can exploit. That includes all those services who rely almost solely on the coded programs to run their security businesses. Again, not saying don’t use them but am saying, “Make it your mission in life to keep tabs on all your financial sources, banks, cards, and other financial stuff that are exposed to the Internet and to those coders who know the flaws and understand that the code is coded by humans and humans are flawed. 

Yes, the world today is controlled by the code and the coders but remember that there are good coders and bad coders and nefarious coders out there. Remember, one major operating system always uses the selling point of how secure their next O/S is until about an hour after its release that nefarious coders communicate and broadcast the flaws that allow security breaches.

So, yes it is a hassle, it is a royal pain in the arse and it does just plain old sucks but if you want to secure your financial stability then take on the responsibility by learning how it is done, how you can protect yourself and then monitor, monitor and yes once again - monitor all your finances, etc. 

Credit Cards: As an example I use a type of statement ledger to track every credit card expense as I make the change and when my statement arrives I match them all up and ANY anomaly I call the credit card company to get feedback on who, what, when, where and how a charge is placed on my account. There are many things you can do above and beyond those service companies who preach how they will go the distance for you and remember that the distance they go will only go as far as their bottom line - they are a business and making/keeping their money is their goal. 

I advocate layered security models. As a retired physical security manager/specialist I can tell you that layered security models work best. Start with the effort you put into your personal eSecurity posture both on and off the Internet. Then find those security models you can add on the enhance our overall security posture both on and off the Internet. Then monitor, monitor, monitor, monitor, and monitor some more. The faster you discover the security breaches the faster you can stop the flow out of your pockets and the faster you get your financial security and stability back. 

Having the ability to lay blame on others when your money disappears is fine on an emotional egoistic level but it won’t stop and put back the money you are bleeding out while hoping, praying and assuming that others will get it all back right for you. 

p.s. Keeping informed is one way to remain aware and as an example I recommend Kreb’s on Security, you can go to his site HERE (, because he has consistently provided me, personally as a daily reader of his blog, information I have implemented to safeguard my financial world. Just remember, it is not the only thing and layer your education sources as well to get a more rounded and complete picture of the danger out there. 

“In order for any life to matter, we all have to matter.” - Marcus Luttrell, Navy Seal (ret)

Don't let your finances get caught in the pull of that black hole!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Honestly, if your email service is not on the DMARC wagon maybe you should find one that is AND if you are a business then whoa, what the ? If you are a user like I am and concerned about things email then at least go to the two sites below and get a better understanding of how this can help. 

Friday, July 15, 2016

The Dark Web - the darker side

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Since criminals also make use of the benefits of secrecy to prey on us in the regular WWW it seemed apropos to say that when hit by those predators it means pretty much that our money, our economic status as well as wealth, is caught up in a dark-web ‘black hole.” Nothing escapes once the gravitational pull of that black hole latches on to you and yet most of us surfing the White Web tend to remain ignorant to the dangers luring below the surface, that division between the White and Dark Webs because the dark side has the skills and abilities to reach up through that surface that hides, latch on to you and pull you toward its black hole where the black, the darkness, will consume and absorb you and your life as if you never existed.

The reason I use this analogy is because our protectors and enforcers of the legal and rightness of our way of life are ill equipped, lack appropriate knowledge and understanding and remain with their heads hidden in the sand to the dangers of such predatory efforts hidden and protected by the very same things that should be here in the White Web protecting us against them.

Beware the Ghost in the Code!
Now, that may sound like I advocate a focus on “others” protecting us and please don’t take this personally but I am not, they should be an intricate part of a layered security of the White Web where the first line of many levels should be YOU, the USER and the actions YOU TAKE when using computers and when surfing the Web. 

Here are a few links to what I consider the best security blog on computers and the iNfrastructure of the electronic age, the iRevolution. Kreb on Security:

If you find his articles above of interest consider following his blog, KrebsonSecurity, on a daily basis. As an IT expert of over twenty years I find his information refreshing, current, beneficial and critical to my personal online and computer safety and security.  

Hat tip to KrebsonSecurity as the inspiration for this post.