iSD in the Tech Age!

Net-self-defense, we spend an exorbitant amount of time on our physical defense training and then we forget that our lives are in just as much danger of "Grave Financial Harm" or Financial ruin (Death) as if we are attacked by a street predator. Research and studies show, from the security experts in this field, that Anti-virus and Firewall suites only catch about 5% of the threats out there and those same folks tell us that it is in all probability worse at the Enterprise levels.

My goal here is to educate myself, and by proxy, pass on what I learn to others so that each individual who is connected at any level can take steps to achieve some semblance of security in their electronic on-line lives. We are so deeply imbedded in modern technology that to not take appropriate actions to learn iSD or internet self-defense in the technological age is just foolishness.

My goal is to provide enough of a foundation that readers, like me, can take the appropriate actions, i.e., apply those fundamental principles of technological methodologies to safeguard one of the more important, actually critical, strategies and tactics to defend ourselves from grave economical harm or even economical/financial death or ruin from nefarious predatory hacking processes.

Nothing in this blog is definitive, it is meant to set a foundation of knowledge, understanding and awareness so that you are not one day blindsided by some effort to steal your very life out from underneath you so fast you feel like you have been hit behind the ear and knocked into a daze of confusion, fear and finally anger where your tech-life falls apart and ruins your real life utterly, completely and with no light in sight down that dark, empty and black hole.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

I HAD a Great Software Product

But, thanks to the “Unusual Business Practices” of the software company that software is now gone. I paid a large sum of cash to purchase that software package and after a crash tried to reinstall the software only to find that the software company had not just taken the software off their market but set it up that when you try to install or reinstall it, it connects to their servers where you get a message that the license is no longer valid. What happens is if you want to get a replacement you have to shell out more money for a more complex and higher learning curve set of software programs. This really sucks.

I had used this piece of software for over a decade. It was simple, easy to use and the learning curve was the shortest I have ever encountered in my time testing out such software programs. What piece is it, well it is a simple program in the same area of other like programs such as Photoshop. It is NOT photoshop because that is still out there but it was a program that when coupled with other like development programs made life easy, fast and productive.

I found a open source program that some say is similar to the one taken from me unawares but it isn’t, it is not the simple, easy and short learning curve, it requires a lot more work to use in creating certain types of graphics.

I can’t help but wonder why the company decided to trigger the license as no longer valid for an old program they no longer sell or support except I can theorize that they wanted everyone to buy their new, improved and yet most difficult to learn programs. It seems that a deliberate programming effort was created to force people to upgrade but here is the rub, the old software was all I needed “ever” and would have served me for many more years so it bothers me that they would create a license killer sub-routine. It pissed me off so much that I went open source for a replacement and all the other programs on my work machine (the old program was on my personal machine), we use the same vendor for work, that I refuse to use those packages and refuse to lead them on my workstation (I removed them all from the machine after my old program was killed by the vendor).

I have seen or observed other vendors going this way by using the cloud installer where they check, it appears to check your machine for old software, then possibly kill your bought and paid for life licenses. That sucks! It is a bad business practice and when it becomes more prominent in software purchases I hope the buyers protest vehemently. 

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